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Overcoming Youthful Lust

Every young person is sooner or later tempted by unclean thoughts. The sexual urge being stronger and more aggressive in men than in women, the former face this problem much more than the latter do.

In Mark 7:21, Jesus listed evil thoughts as the first things that proceed from the heart of men.Unclean thoughts plague the mind of the morally upright man as much as they do the mind of the adulterer

Feeling unable to resist the urge to lust after someone or after a few? Overcoming lust is a personal choice to make; it’s not something that can be imposed upon you or that you can simply switch off. Rather, you’ll need to work at a result that distracts, replaces, or softens your lustful thoughts. Here are some approaches that might work for you:

1 Turn to your faith . If you follow a faith, there will be plenty of guidance to draw on for overcoming lustful thoughts. Find the relevant texts from the Bible and apply these to your life on a regular basis.

2 Have respect for yourself . If you allow lust to be the driver in your daily relations with others, you’re not connecting fully with yourself. You are allowing your bodily desires to determine who you are and how you behave, rather than letting your mind and personality do some of the thinking.

3 Spend less time looking at imagery that promotes lust . Pornography, TV shows which portray men and women as only sexually attractive to one another, novels filled with graphic romances, etc., are all ways to increase a sense that lust is a normal way of relating when, in reality, it’s only a small portion of life that needs to be tamed.

4 Devote yourself to a real passion . Find what you love doing and throw your lust into that instead.locate whatever drives you,like probably a proffesion,and divert your lustful energies into creating great messages and energies to create and spread your passion instead.

5 Anchor yourself by hanging around with real people and notstarlets and bimbos . Real people are just as beautiful, only they don’t feel a need to attract the gaze and flaunt it because they’re already comfortable in their own skin.Also you need to quit flirting with people.

(1 Thessalonians 4:3-5)
This is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication:
That every one of you should know how to possess his vessel…..

Check out this Bible verses:
james 1 vs 13&14
proverbs 7 vs 25&26
galatians 5 vs 6-26
1corithians 6 vs 18
mathew 5 vs 27-28
james 4 vs 1-4

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