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The Gift of Boredom 1

“All of man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone” – Blaise Pascal

“A man who dares to waste an hour of his life has not discovered the value of life” – Charles Darwin
I see boredom as a gift from God in the same way that hunger, thirst, and pain are. They are indicators that something is wrong. If I didn’t feel hunger I could starve to death without ever knowing something was wrong. Without feeling pain, I might not know I was dying of cancer or being impaled. These indicators keep us alive and healthy. Same goes for boredom. God didn’t create us to do nothing. He created us to do something. So when we do nothing or meaningless things, something is wrong and boredom can serve as an indicator. It is a hunger to do something meaningful.

Men succeed at battling this gift of boredom with an array of meaningless pastimes such as television, playstation, parties, internet, sports, and so many other things. None of these things are sins. They’re not wrong in and of themselves, but Christians are so occupied with not sinning, as if God created us for the sole purpose of not sinning. God created us for more than that. He created us to do certain things that bring Him glory. Christians may think of a good Christian life as one devoid of “serious sins” or excessive sinning, but the enemy’s strategy in this day and age may be a lot cleverer than getting us to sin. Filling all of our time with so many different things that are useless to the Kingdom and our purpose is just as great an accomplishment for the enemy as tempting us into sin. Either way we are not doing anything real. We’re not serving our purpose. We are merely existing and silencing any indication that something is wrong.

I hope realizing this awakens others the same way it awakened me. It is a call to arms. I was wasting my life. I was born for more than not sinning. I was born for more than my own entertainment. I was born for more than being nice and good and socializing and living a “full” life by worldly standards. The Bible says that “to live is Christ”. Life is about Him. Any other way of living other than that defined by the life of Christ is simply not life. So boredom is a gift and for most of my life I felt it and treated it the wrong way – by covering the symptom without addressing the root cause. I’d shut it up with countless games or activities or hobbies. It was just like drinking water and getting thirsty again. But Christ promised that if I drink of Him I wouldn’t thirst again, so why was I still thirsting?



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