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CHRISTIAN RELATIOTNSHIP HELP: the five characteristics of a narcissist

Submitted 2012-09-16 11:53:23
This Christian relationship help will enable you to recognize five characteristics of a narcissist. Narcissism is difficult to deal within relationships and recognizing it will enable you to respond differently to it. Jesus was constantly aware of what was in the heart of the people he dealt with. He knew when people were willing to hurt him, when people were insincere, when people were manipulating him, and when people were pretending. You need to know who you are dealing with so you can respond in a way that is wise.
Here are five characteristics of a narcissist:
A lack of empathy for anyone else. Narcissists are unable to see other people’s pain even when that pain is imposed by their own actions. It is as if they cannot see any view point but their own. In fact, if you try to get them to understand they have hurt you, they will usually show contempt and disdain for your weakness.
A sense of entitlement or special treatment. The narcissist expects to be treated special and expects that his/her wishes will be complied with. This expectation doesn’t allow others to have different opinions, say no, or have needs. If you refuse to do what they want, you will be threatened, blamed, and made to feel guilty.
An exaggerated view of oneself. Narcissists do not have an accurate self assessment. They have an inflated view of their abilities, achievements, brilliance, or talent. They don’t hesitate to talk about themselves or to flaunt their high view of themselves and expect others to recognize this superiority.
Lack of respect for othersindividuality. You do not exist as a separate person with your own needs, opinions, desires, and individuality; instead, you exist as an extension of the narcissist. Your boundaries, needs, and opinions won’t be respected because they don’t matter; the only thing that matters is what the narcissist feels, needs, wants, and believes.
An inability to introspect. When you try to get narcissists to look at themselves, you will find themextremely defensive. They are not willing to admit they are wrong, to admit they are afraid, to admit they are weak, or to admit they are narcissists. They will react angrily, manipulatively, punitively, and arrogantly to your criticism and suggestions.
This Christian relationship help will enable you to recognize narcissists by these five characteristics. This personality wrecks havoc in your relationship. You have to recognize it so you can respond to it with wisdom and discernment to protect yourself.
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