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Myself,my king and I

I breath in and out,day by day,, the clock chimes everyday,and time do pass,seasons as well..I slept,walked,talked,danced, swagged.I lived my life as an ignorant king,a king whose domain was barely an illusion,but as I walked through valleys with great shadows and dead trees,I sat to think of my wasted years,life without the true king,whom I heard was the KING OF KINGS,and then I realised that I needed HIM,I sougth out to meet HIM and realised he was just a few steps from me.I knelt on HIS feet and asked him into my domain,to be king over my kingdom,to rule it as HE wills,to guide and to council,to restore and to recreate.HE lead me through paths of RIGTHEOUSNESS,now I saw the valleys with great shadows as though it where not,and I spoke to the dead trees as though they had living fruits,and it did come,I studied HIS word just to be himlike,I did meditate on it day through nigth.in all this things I saw benefits..now say I unto Ɣ✽U̶̲̥̅̊ “seek to find this KING”


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